Sending Mass Email Blasts in WHMCS

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Log into WHMCS. Go to Set Up > Client Groups:




From there you create a new group and click save changes:




Now you’ll want to assign users to that group. Navigate to the user’s WHMCS profile tab. On the bottom right you should see an area for Client Group:





If you’ve got a massive list of users that you need to add to a specific group like “2020 Graduates” and adding them one by one is too time-consuming, feel free to reach out to Reclaim Hosting support and we can add those users to a given group in bulk for you. 


After you’ve got everyone in the Client group, go to Setup > Email Templates:



At the top you’ll be able to name your new Email Template and click Create:




Once your email is created, click Save. Now Go to the View/Search Clients List and search by the Client Group you created. You’d Select All and click Send Message:



On the following window simply scroll down to the ‘Load Saved Message‘ section and click your newly created Template:


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