Pending Orders in WHMCS

One question we have gotten is about pending orders in WHMCS.  What can be confusing here is that even after an order for a new cPanel account and domain is processed, WHMCS will still show the order as pending until an admin accepts the order.

WHMCS List of Pending Orders


That said, whether or not an admin accepts the order the account will still function properly and go straight to live on the web. So, while all new accounts show as pending with the idea that they should be reviewed  to make sure there are no fraud orders or other issues, there is nothing requiring admins to accept new orders. You could leave all orders placed in your account as pending and it would have no effect on your service. In terms of our recommendations, reviewing and accepting new orders in WHMCS regularly is good practice for keeping a pulse of all new orders and getting a sense if you have any suspicious or potentially problematic accounts.

Accept pending orders in WHMCS