Importing an account into WHMCS

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There are sometimes rare cases where an account was created by someone in WHM rather than through WHMCS. This kind of data disorganization can cause headaches, but lucky there’s a tool called cPanel/WHM Import here:



You select the account here by checking the box next to each account and importing it in. They non-imported accounts are usually labeled in white, while the accounts that already exist in WHMCS are in yellow.



Once the import is done, WHMCS doesn’t automatically know to associate it with a particular user so you’ll see this generic client account gets created:



To combine this generic account with an existing account, click the option to Merge Client Accounts here:



You will then have to specify the ID number of the client account you are moving it to, and make sure it’s merging into the Second Client account:


After you hit merge, you’re good to go! The user will see their cPanel the next they log into their dashboard.

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