Creating New Orders in WHMCS

Depending on the Domain of One’s Own setup at your school (with custom domains vs. subdomains) you will approach creating new orders for users in one of two ways. Keep in mind to create orders in WHMCS, a user will have signed into the portal, but not have completed the domain registration form. In this regard, he or she will have an account in WHMCS but no product, so if need be you would create a product for them. This process would also be relevant if you wanted to give a user a second cPanel account.


Creating a New Order in WHMCS with Custom Domain

Go to the user’s WHMCS profile and add a new order. Un-click the checkboxes for “Order Confirmation,” “Generate Invoice”, and “Send Email” if you provide free accounts and domains. Choose the Product, fill in the custom domain name (in this example, and set billing cycle to annual.



After that, make sure the Registration radio button is clicked, fill out the domain name, and make sure the registration period is 1 year. From there click the “Submit Order” button, and you will then see the following screen.

From here make sure the Registrar is Resellerclubcrm is selected and the “Send Confirmation Email” radio button is unchecked. At this point when you click accept order you would have created the web hosting account and domain for on the server

Creating a New Order in WHMCS with subdomain

to create a new order for a subdomain account, you would not need to register a custom domain, but simple a subdomain for a top level domain such as So, in this example we will create the account for


After you click Add New Order you will see the same sign-up form as with the BYU Domains example above, except there will be no need to register a domain. We un-check order confirmation, generate invoice, and send email, choose the Product (in this case StateU Domain), add the domain name (, and make the billing cycle annual.

After that click Submit order and you should be taken to the following page:

After that just accept the order and the new order will be placed.