Checking TLD Funds in WHMCS

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This guide will only apply to schools that offer Top Level Domains out of the box to end users.


As an administrator, you may want to keep an eye on how many funds are available in your reseller account to register new domains and renew existing ones. This is not something you’re expected to manage (Reclaim Hosting will let you know when your balance is low) but it might be helpful to compare your Domains balance against renewal dates so you can better anticipate growth, project budgets, etc.


To find this information, you will need access to WHMCS. Once logging in, navigate to Addons > RC & LB Tools v2 in the top menu bar:



Now on the left-hand sidebar, you should see a menu for the RC & LB Tools v2 page. Click Reseller Funds Balance:



You should see your Funds Balance listed on the following page:


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