Using Templates in Installatron

Are you working with a professor who wants to use a default template with their class? Maybe they want to use a specific software, like WordPress, with specific themes and plugins installed as a starter pack. Our applications installer allows for the option to create templates of a specific application. The feature allows you to save a website at a specific point in time and allow other users to install that version of the site when they install that application.
Just a note, you’ll need to install the application and to configure the application before you create the template. You’ll keep the application installed on the account to update plugins and themes as necessary.
To create templates for specific sites, first, log into WHM on your server. Then in the tool bar on the left, search ‘Installatron Applications installer.’
Then click ‘Templates.’
This brings up the list of all templates that are currently set up on your server. Most will say they are ‘Empty Content’ which means the install holds only the core files needed to install an application. In this case, I’m going to use WordPress to create the template. Click ‘+ create application template.’
Search for the specific application you’d like to use.
Click the ‘Star’ icon.
Name the template. Click ‘Template.’
This will create a copy of the site to use as a template. Once the copy finishes, go back to the main templates page. Scroll down to the specific application and you’ll see the specific template.
From here, you can select the radio button to set this as the default site Installatron uses to install WordPress. You can also modify the template directly from this screen as well.
When the user goes to install WordPress, they will now see the option to select the ePortfolio template. They’ll designate the template under the ‘Content’ section after selecting the location URL and version of WordPress.