Restoring and Downloading Accounts in Jetbackup from WHM

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Restoring a terminated account in Jetbackup

NOTE: If it’s been longer than 30 days after the termination of the account, unfortunately, no backup would exist in Jetbackup.

If it’s been less than 30 days after a cPanel account has been terminated, then you can restore a full account backup through Jetbackup. To start, you will want to get the cPanel username for the account from WHMCS profile:

Copy the username. Then in WHM for the server associated with the account, search “Jetbackup” and click “Jetbackup” under plugins. Wait a few seconds for everything to load (Jetbackup is pretty finicky so this is important or you won’t be able to find the backups). Then click on “Restore & Download​” from the side menu:

Then click Orphans and search the username​

Click the checkbox on the left. The backup that is automatically selected is the most recent one, though you can Choose Other Backup for an earlier one. Once the box is checked, you can select the Restore button.

You’ll be asked to confirm and click restore again.


Then, you can go to queue to watch everything go through properly.


Once the restore is completed, go back to the WHMCS product page, click the module commands ‘Unsuspend’ and ‘Change password’,​ and ensure the status is set to ‘Active’.

After that, you and the user should be good to go!

Downloading a backup

Follow the previous steps until just before you select restore, and instead select Download.

Once the file is ready the status will change to Completed. Under Actionsclick the Download button to download the file onto your computer.

If you are interested in restoring backups through cPanel, take a look at this guide on our community website.

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