Locating An Addon/Subdomain in WHM

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You may find you need to figure out where a domain or subdomain is on your server, but it isn’t the primary domain for any cPanel account. This might be because the domain is added to an account as an alias or an addon domain, and here is how to locate those on the server.

A quick note before jumping in: if you need to check the DNS of a subdomain or domain and whether or not it’s loading all across the world, What’s My DNS is a great resource to have bookmarked. 

To start, log into WHM. From the search bar, look up ‘domains’.

search 'domains' in the WHM search bar


The first place to check would be under ‘List Subdomains’. Here you can look up a subdomain and find the cPanel username and primary domain it is under. 

If the subdomain was added to the account as an alias, you can find it under ‘List Parked Domains’ along with the cPanel username and domain it’s parked over.


From there, you can access the account by going to “List Accounts” and searching the username or primary domain name.

If you are still having trouble finding a domain, reach out to our Support team and we can take a look!

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