Feature Manager

cPanel has a wide variety of tools available to end users to accomplish a range of things when managing a domain. However often this can be overwhelming to users who really just want to get a WordPress site up and running and could care less about the ability to setup Perl modules for example. As an administrator you have the ability to disable features on your server that you feel are not necessary or that you simply don’t want your users to have access to. Many schools running subdomains may, for example, decide to disable email features entirely. You can accomplish all this from the Feature Manager section of WHM:

For this guide we’ll be editing the default feature list used by all packages. However it is possible to create more than one feature list and associate them with different hosting packages. Go ahead and click Edit to get started.

As you can see the interface here is very straightforward. If a box is checked that feature is accessible to all users. If it’s unchecked then it is disabled and users will not see that icon or area of cPanel.

One thing to keep in mind is that some features like “Email” have many sections that need to be toggled:

Once you have unchecked any items you want to disable click Save at the bottom. This change is immediate for all users in cPanel.