Customizing Applications in Installatron

It may be helpful for users to see a list of applications they might want to install when they go to install an application. Our application installer supports over 100 different pieces of software so the specific application a user is looking for tends to get lost in the sea. Installatron offers the option to create ‘Featured Applications’ or remove the option to install the application altogether. Using a featured applications section breaks out applications you select and puts them in their own section where they easily stand out. 

First, log into WHM on your server. Then search ‘Installatron applications installer.’

Then click ‘Access Control’

From here, you can add applications to the ‘Featured Application’ list or remove software from the application list all together. In this case, I’m going to add WordPress, Omeka, and Scalar to the Featured Application list, this highlights the application in the list making them stand out.

Once you’ve made the changes you’d like, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save All’

And that’s it!

This is what user’s will see in cPanel when the are on the ‘All Applications Page.’