Reclaim Hosting holds onto nightly backups of all user accounts for thirty days. This provides insurance for students/faculty who are looking to experiment with their site without fear of losing their content. This also comes in handy if a software update were to break a site, for example. While reaching out to Reclaim Support for a full backup is always an option, this quick tutorial explains how you can generate/upload one yourself right within your cPanel:

Generating a Backup

  • Head to the Files section of cPanel, click on the Backup icon.
  • Under Full Backup, click Generate/ Download a Full Website Backup.

  • On the next page, select the Home Directory option from the Backup Destination drop-down menu.
  • For Email Address, select whether or not you wish to receive an email notification once the backup is complete. (You may also change the notification email address in the provided field if you wish.) Click Generate Backup.

If you’d like to generate your own set of backups regularly, follow this guide: Alternative Backup Options in Installatron

Uploading a Backup file

You have a couple options. If you want to upload your own backup file, do so by logging into cPanel>Backups:

Scroll down, select your file in the Restore a Home Directory Backup and click upload.

If you want to restore one of Reclaim Hosting’s backups, you can do so by pulling a copy from r1Soft, an icon located in your cPanel.

Tim wrote a great blog post about this here: Backups Done Right

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