Creating Omeka User from the Database

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When working with Omeka, most of the customizations happen from the back end of the site. So when troubleshooting an error, you’ll need to be logged in to troubleshoot. But how do you get access without asking the user for credentials? Easy! As long as you have access to the database (through PHPMyAdmin) you can create a user profile. Reclaim Hosting uses this often to save the user a step when troubleshooting.

From the user’s cPanel, click PHPMyAdmin.

Locate the database for that particular Omeka site. You’ll want to click on it to bring up the tables. Click the users table. Then you’ll want to copy the Super Admin’s profile.

You’ll want to fill in the information with Reclaim Hosting’s information. Use reclaimhosting as the username and replace with your Reclaim Hosting email. From there, you’ll want to click Go when you’re ready.

You’ll see the new user at the end of the page.

Once that user is created, you can then request a password reset for the particular site to gain access to the site’s dashboard.

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