Changing Primary Subdomain

A very common support request we often get is asking for assistance with changing a domain name. More specifically, switching the primary domain in a user’s account and moving all of their website data from to This means that we have to inform both the hosting platform (WHMCS) and the server (WHM) of the change.

Adjustments on the server

Log into the appropriate server. Search “List” from the left-hand sidebar and click List Accounts.

Search for

Click Modify Account.

Type in Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Adjustments in WHMCS user Profile

Go to the user’s account in WHMCS and click on the Product/Services tab. Type into the Domain blank and click Save Changes


As a final step to make sure all systems & accounts are aligned, I like to run the Change Password Module under the Products/Services tab. This syncs the Client Area Portal with cPanel to give the user a smooth transition into the cPanel dash.