Changing Account Ownership

You may have an account that was “owned” by a student but needs to be transferred to a faculty member or another student when they leave. Here is the process for making sure that the new user has access.

  1. Make sure the user you’ll be assigning the account to has logged into your DoOO environment at least once (they don’t need to signup but just log in). If the user already has an account you’ll need to set them up to have access to 2 hosting accounts using the Reseller functionality in WHM.
  2. In WHMCS search for the hosting account you’ll be associating with a new user. Go to the Product/Services tab and click Move Product/Service.

A popup will appear where you can search by the WHMCS profile ID or name for the person you want to move the account to. Clicking the name will populate that user’s ID into the form and then click Transfer to move it over.

If the user has a domain in addition to hosting, you’ll need to repeat the above process under the Domains tab as well. WHMCS treats the domain and the hosting plan as separate items, so you’d need to move both individually. If the account is a subdomain they’ll likely only have the single product so transferring it would be all it takes.

As a final step, cancel any outstanding invoices in the original account and then Generate Due Invoices in the new account.

It can never hurt to click this module– its just a way to generate any due invoices in the proper account so the old user isn’t getting invoices for domains/hosting they no longer own.