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Sometimes users will sign in with their Single Sign On credentials and they will be met with a blank white screen or a cPanel log-in instead of the regular cPanel. This is usually an instance where the password on WHMCS got out of sync with the WordPress and/or server.


cPanel requires a separate set of credentials to log in that is different from the user’s SSO credentials. We’ve coded the cPanel embed within the main DoOO WordPress to log in automatically to cPanel, using the credentials stored within the respective WHMCS. Sometimes this login can break and we’ll want to make sure the credentials are synced with the server. 


The cPanel credentials can be found in the Product/Service Tab within the user’s WHMCS profile (screenshot below). To sync the password with the server, you’ll want to click the ‘Change Password‘ module command. ​It can’t hurt to use this command, as it just repairs the bridge between WHMCS and WHM. 

Once they’re synced, you can have the user log out from their account completely (and close their browser as well, for good measure) and try logging back in. If the issue persists, reach out to us at 

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