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This guide will walk you through how to migrate a hosted Scalar instance to a standalone Scalar install. This can also be replicated within a DoOO Environment.

# Before the Migration
To start you’ll need **login information** for the instance.

Before starting the migration, you’ll need to make sure that the book is set to **public**. To do that, **click** ‘Sharing.’ Under the ‘Availability’ section both options should say ‘Yes.’ Scalar looks at the public version of the site to import the content.

# Export Code
Next, **click** the ‘Import/Export’ tab. Then **click** the link that is underneath the URL, where it says ‘Or, download as RDF-XML’ in the ‘Export’ section.

From here a new tab will open up with XML code. **Click** ‘FIle > Save Page As.’ This will bring up a file save window. Make sure the file is saved as an XML file.

# Install Scalar
From here, once the XML file has been saved, you’ll need to [**install** Scalar]( on the domain that the content is being migrated to. **Save** the password generated to send to the client for logging in.

# Create Book and Import
Once Scalar is installed, create a new book within the install, make sure to **name it the same as the previous site**.

Finally, **Import** the XML file you downloaded. This is a two-step confirmation.


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