From the moment you register a domain with Reclaim Hosting until well after it has expired, your domain goes through several different phases. Below are the distinct periods that your domain enters over the course of its lifetime:


Registration – Day One:

All domain registrations must be unique, meaning that there is no duplicate domain. Upon checkout, a domain is registered to your account and immediately active for the period registered, typically 1 year within a Domain of One’s Own environment.


Verification – 15 Days:

As of January 1st, 2014, all registrars are required to verify the contact information of any domain registrant. This means as soon as a domain is registered the registrant will receive an email with a link to confirm, that they in fact registered and own the domain. Our registrar provides a 15 day grace period in which you can verify the domain. You can read more about this process here. After 15 days if a domain is not verified it is suspended until the domain is verified by email.


Expiration – 1 Year after registration:

Beginning 30 days before the expiration of your domain (which is typically 1 year after it was registered), the student will receive an invoice for the renewal of the domain.


Grace Period – 30 days:

If the domain has not been renewed by the expiration date, the domain will be taken offline. From there you have 30 days to renew a domain at no additional charge. Upon payment of the invoice, the domain is renewed for an additional year and pointed back at our nameservers.


Redemption Period – 30 days:

Once the grace period for a domain name expiration has lapsed, it becomes very difficult and expensive to retrieve the domain. The domain enters a “redemption period” that lasts for 30 days. During this time only Reclaim Hosting support can retrieve the domain and the cost to do this is exorbitant, upwards of $100. This should be considered an absolute last resort if the domain is in the redemption period and you’re worried about not being able to get it back when it becomes available.


Deletion Period – 5 days:

Once the redemption period has lapsed the domain will be scheduled for deletion by the registrar. When a domain is pending deletion Reclaim Hosting has no recourse for getting the domain renewed and users will need to wait for the domain to become publicly available again to re-register it.



The final lifecycle of a domain registration where it is released to the general public. If the domain is a popular one often registrars will make very early attempts to register the domain, but in some instances a domain will simply become available in the general pool again and can be registered by any user.


This graphic shows the lifecycle of a domain in the general terms from ICANN:

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