Your DoOO Theme

This post gives you a full list of the do’s and don’t’s for customizing your Domain of One’s Own website. If you have any questions about the following, please start a conversation with before making changes.

WP Dashboard > Appearance > Themes

Do NOT deactivate or change the Enfold Child theme. This theme has been hard-coded to incorporate mission-critical elements of your Domain of One’s Own system. If you’re interested in using a different theme, please start a conversation with Reclaim Hosting Support.

WP Dashboard > Theme Settings

Below is a list of items in your DoOO WordPress Theme Settings that you CAN comfortably and easily change without fear of “breaking the system”. 🙂

Theme Options:

-Page Preloader
-Page Transitions
-Custom Logo for Preloader
-Lightbox Modal Window
-Lock advanced layout builder
-Websafe fonts fallback for Windows
-Automated HTML Markup
-Google Analytics Tracking Code

General Layout:

-All Elements

General Styling:

-All Elements

Advanced Styling:

-All Elements


-All Elements

Social Profiles

-All Elements

Sidebar Settings:

-All Elements


-All Elements

Blog Layout

-All Elements


-All Elements

WP Dashboard > Plugins

Do NOT deactivate the following plugins:

-Easy Bootstrap Shortcode

-User Switching

-Peter’s Login Redirect

-Remove Dashboard Access

-Your SSO Plugin. Depending on what SSO your school uses, this may be OneLogin SAML SSOShibbolethCAS Maestro, Active Directory

-Ninja Forms; only relevant if you have a sign-up request form on your site

WP Dashboard > Pages

Do NOT rename the following pages:

-Request Form

You CAN rename/edit the following pages:

-Documentation (more info here)
-Homepage (more info here)

Note: If you’re interested in a completely unique design for your DoOO Homepage (i.e. not using the custom theme elements) this is possible by using a visual builder like Elementor, for example. So long as you link up to the DoOO Dashboard page in some fashion, you should be good to go.