Adding the FTP Dropdown Page

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As it stands by default, Domain of One’s Own S/FTP credentials can be found by:


  1. Going to the user’s WHMCS profile and navigating to the Product/Services tab.
  2. Telling the user to reference the credentials sent along in their new account Welcome email.


Even with the above, if you’re finding that FTP credentials and various FTP client settings are creating unwanted confusion, we can create an easier way to deliver that information to users. Similar to adding a Migration Information Dropdown page, we can also easily add a dropdown page for FTP information:



On the FTP Information page, users will see the following:


  1. their unique FTP Connection Settings
  2. possible FTP Clients, and
  3. a field to reset their FTP password


If this is of interest, please reach out to the Reclaim Hosting Support team at and we’ll get this added to your DoOO instance in a matter of minutes.

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