Connecting an existing Top Level Domain with cPanel

Even if your school only provides subdomains, any user on any Domain of One’s Own platform can add Top-Level domains (TLDs) to their account by default. And yes, that’s in addition to the Subdomain/TLD that they signed up with!

For example, a maybe a faculty member or student wants to move their existing domain (purchased elsewhere) to their Domain of One’s Own account.

Preparing the external domain

  1. If the domain is registered with another registrar (GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc), you will need to point the domain’s nameservers to Reclaim Hosting. All Reclaim Hosting servers (including your DoOO server) use and
  2. If the domain is already registered with Reclaim Hosting– Great! You’ll add the domain to the account as an addon domain.

From there, you’ll connect the domain to the user’s cPanel through the ‘Addon Domains’ section:

For assistance with this, skip to step 2 on this guide.

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