Category: WHM in Depth

Installatron Administration

Installatron provides a host options available to administrators of a server. In this guide we’ll look over some of the features and tools you can use, all of which are available within WHM under Plugins > Installatron Application Installer.   When you first access the administrative area you’ll notice that you

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Converting an Addon Domain to a cPanel Account

You may run into a scenario where a user had setup an addon domain for an organization within their own personal cPanel account and later it makes sense for that to be a cPanel account on its own. cPanel now offers a tool to make this process easier. You’ll find

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Changing Storage Quota for cPanel Accounts

This is a quick and easy tutorial for changing storage space quotas on specific cPanel accounts. This process is done in WHM, which is basically the GUI interface for managing all the accounts on cPanel. Once logged in you do a quick find using the word “list” (no quotes) in the

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