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Purchasing an Additional Domain

This guide is for folks that want to register a new domain. If you’ve already registered your domain, click here. Schools may choose to offer the ability for students to purchase a domain through Reclaim Hosting directly for $15 annually and add it to their account. All billing for renewals

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Connecting an existing Top Level Domain with cPanel

Even if your school only provides subdomains, any user on any Domain of One’s Own platform can add Top-Level domains (TLDs) to their account by default. And yes, that’s in addition to the Subdomain/TLD that they signed up with! For example, a maybe a faculty member or student wants to move their

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Understanding Backups

Reclaim Hosting holds onto nightly backups of all user accounts for thirty days. This provides insurance for students/faculty who are looking to experiment with their site without fear of losing their content. This also comes in handy if a software update were to break a site, for example. While reaching

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