Gathering Usage Data for Users

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When evaluating the usage of your system there are key elements that may help you determine whether an account is “active” or not. This can be particularly important when setting up deprovisioning policies. While for some schools simply generating a list of graduate email addresses and requesting Reclaim Hosting process terminations on those is enough, for other institutions they may wish to do more regular cleaning of accounts where a user has not logged in for X amount of time, or if there are users with no data in their accounts.

To assist with this Reclaim Hosting has generated a Python script that runs nightly on all servers and gathers the following data points from a variety of locations on the server:

  • Date of last cPanel login
  • cPanel Username
  • Domain Name
  • Email Address
  • Disk Usage for Account
  • Date of Signup

The script generates a CSV file on the server located in the /root/ folder with the naming convention serverhostname_last_logins.csv. To download this file we recommend utilizing an FTP client such as Cyberduck or Filezilla and connecting via SFTP with your WHM root credentials to the server.

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