Domain of One's Own Workshop

A 2-day workshop for Administrators

What is the workshop about?

This is a two-day event hosted by Reclaim Hosting to talk about all things Domains. The idea behind this workshop is to provide both applied training and concrete examples of both administering and teaching with Domain of One’s Own. It also represents a regional event in which folks using Domains can highlight their work while other schools interested can get an in-depth sense of what it

means to run a Domain of One’s Own program for their campus. The workshop will have two tracks: instructional & technical. So whether you’re interested in hearing from folks that are currently running and/or thinking about running Domain of One’s Own, or you’re simply in need of a system overview from members of the Reclaim Hosting team, this is for you.

We’ve taken this workshop on the road! Read more about this below:

Topics Covered

Platform overview: using WHMCS + WHM

DNS: on a Need-to-know basis

understanding Domain Transfers


Graduating exit strategies

Ways to promote dooo on campus

common troubleshooting steps + FAQ’s 

SPLOTs and templates


Build your own project templates


Stay Tuned for our next Workshop!

You can find more information about attending the next Domain of One’s Own Administrator Workshop below:

The opportunity to learn from all members of Reclaim Hosting staff was awesome. Also really helpful and valuable to meet and work with folks from other Domains institutions."

Fall 2017 Workshop

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